To be precise, every time is Our main Endeavour

Mastered and pioneers in science of fuel pump calibration technology and support services. Specially repairing, overhauling and calibration of all kind fuel INJECTION pumps and INJECTORS.

Enhanced calibration capability For today and tomorrow.

Our fuel pump calibration machines has excellent load bearing capacity and stability enabling precision management such that even the heaviest pumps and components are handled with technical ease.

Our technicians are highly future oriented as far as your valuable high precision components are concerned. They will dedicate themselves to ensuring that, you maximize both your productivity and return on your capital investment.

In – line fuel injection pumps.
Like Caterpillar, Duets, Cummins, Perkins, Mitsubishi, N – Denso, C. A. V Zexel, Bosh, Stanadyne, Rosa Master, A-pump, M-pump, MW-pump, P-pump S1….8000, P-Pump S8500, R-pump, H-pump S1, H-pump S1000, ZWM-pump etc…

Distributor injection pumps.
VE-pump, VA-pump, VM-pump etc…

Our technical experts trained by BOSCH training center Jeddah through JAPCO. And we are ready to serve and meet all needs, along with promise of round the clock technical support in project sites, organizations and industries.
Delivering faster with greater Accuracy & total reliability.

“Al – Joufi services offered in this arena are unparalleled in the kingdom today and we offer virtually limitless avenues for all the jobs assigned us.”

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